Thai Constellation vs Albo – Which Rare Monstera Reigns Supreme?

Choosing the right variegated Monstera can feel like picking a favorite star in the sky—they’re both spectacular in their own right.

The Monstera Albo boasts bold, dramatic white patterns akin to abstract art, while the Thai Constellation scatters creamy, starry speckles across its leaves, offering a softer yet captivating display.

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Before making a decision, it’s essential to consider not just the beauty of each plant but also their care needs and growth habits.

Finding authentic information can be challenging, but with some guidance, you can choose the variegated Monstera that will thrive in your care and satisfy your desire for botanical rarity. 

Key Differences Between Monstera Albo And Thai Constellation

Choosing between the two comes down to personal preference and how patient you are for growth.

Each variety brings its splash of uniqueness to your indoor jungle, ensuring that no two plants—and no two leaves—are ever the same!

Variegation Patterns

Monstera Albo typically features large, dramatic white sections on its leaves. These can cover large areas or appear as smaller splashes.

On the other hand, the Thai Constellation offers a more speckled or marbled pattern of variegation that spreads across the foliage more evenly.

Growth Habits

While both plants enjoy climbing, the Monstera Albo Monstera Albo grows slower due to parts of its leaves lacking chlorophyll, limiting growth to greener areas.

On the other hand, the Thai Constellation exhibits a faster growth rate, aided by a greater presence of chlorophyll in its leaves, which facilitates more efficient photosynthesis and energy production.

It also has shorter internodes, leading to a compact and bushy form. Both varieties are climbers and can attain considerable heights, but their growth speed can vary based on care and environmental conditions.

Genetic Stability

Genetic stability is a key factor in variegation. The Thai Constellation’s variegation is known to be more genetically stable, which means it’s less likely to revert to green than the Monstera Albo.

This stability can influence a collector’s decision when looking for a variegated Monstera that maintains its patterns.

That said, these plants have equal possibilities to turn green again if they don’t get enough light, they’re cut wrong, they get stressed, or as a result of age.

Propagation Methods

If you’re looking to propagate, Monstera Albo might present a challenge due to its less predictable variegation. You might not get the same white patterns in new plants.

The Thai Constellation is a little easier in this respect, with the variegation generally remaining consistent through propagation.

Price And Availability

Monstera Albo can be quite pricey, often due to its rarity and the demand for its striking white variegation.

While also pricier, the Thai Constellation is sometimes more readily available and slightly more affordable, making it a more accessible option for enthusiasts.

Spotting the Differences in Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation by the Eye

When you first lay eyes on a Monstera Albo or a Thai Constellation, you’re likely to be struck by their stunning variegated leaves. But as you look closer, you’ll notice the distinctive patterns each plant boasts.

As we’ve shared above, the Monstera Albo typically flaunts a bold contrast with chunks of pure white or creamy sections against a dark green backdrop.

This eye-catching marbling effect can vary significantly from leaf to leaf, giving each Albo its unique charm.

On the other hand, Thai Constellation leaves exhibit a more spread-out variegation. Creamy white or yellowish spots are splashed across the foliage, giving it a more consistent, speckled appearance.

Here’s a quick visual guide to help you:

The Rarity Of Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation

As you’ve learned, both are stunning, but you might wonder which is rarer and why. Let’s get into the heart of their exclusivity!

The Monstera Albo’s rarity is influenced by its variegation coming from spontaneous mutations, making each cut unique. This particularity makes its propagation a delicate and uncertain process.

Meanwhile, the Thai Constellation results from careful scientific intervention, allowing growers to produce more plants.

However, as we’ve covered, both plants can be challenging to find and carry a hefty price tag due to their coveted aesthetics and the effort required to cultivate them.

Care Needs For Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation

The care and maintenance of variegation in Monstera Albo and Thai Constellation are pretty similar, though their needs differ slightly due to the nature of their variegation.

Caring For Your Monstera Albo

Monstera Albo’s variegation is less stable, requiring careful attention to maintain.

Bright, indirect light is crucial for sustaining its variegation, and direct sunlight should be avoided to prevent leaf burn, especially on the white portions.

When propagating the Albo, including variegated sections in cuttings is key to retaining the variegation in new growth.

There’s also a risk of the plant reverting to green if not given adequate care, so balancing variegated and green areas is important.

Caring For Your Monstera Thai Constellation

The Thai Constellation has more stable variegation, which makes it slightly easier to maintain.

Like the Albo, it thrives in bright, indirect light and requires similar care in terms of watering, fertilizing, and humidity levels.

The stability of its variegation means it’s less prone to reversion or significant changes in leaf patterning, making it a more forgiving choice for those less experienced in caring for variegated plants.

Should You Pick Monstera Albo Or Thai Constellation?

Deciding between a Monstera Albo and a Thai Constellation is a matter of both personal taste and consideration for plant care requirements.

The Monstera Albo is a rare find, and its striking white variegation will stand out in any space. It’s the right choice if you’re looking for a plant with a strong personality.

The Thai Constellation offers a dreamy sprinkle of cream across its foliage and is a bit easier to care for. If your heart leans towards a beautiful and resilient plant, this one might be your match.

Are you up for the challenge and distinct flair of the Albo, or do you prefer the creamy charm and ease of the Thai Constellation?

Ultimately, your choice depends on what you value more: the unique and bold visual impact of the Monstera Albo, with its rarer and striking variegation, or the dreamy, easier-to-maintain nature of the Thai Constellation.

Regardless, both plants, with their unique characteristics, are sure to add beauty and interest to any indoor plant collection!

Thai Constellation vs Albo – Which Rare Monstera Reigns Supreme?