The Art of the Tropics: Techniques for Monstera Leaf Paintings

If you’ve been tick-tocking away on TikTok recently, you might have caught a glimpse of some stunning Monstera leaf paintings.

Here, we’ll get into a few viral Monstera painting techniques, so get ready to channel your inner Picasso (or should we say… Plant-casso?).

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Monstera on Canvas

Watch this 16-second clip by @artbykeikocarter. This tiktoker has over 103K followers, with this particular video garnering a massive 2.8M views.

@artbykeikocarter the plant survived and has been thriving for a month now πŸ˜‡ #monsteraplant #blackpainting #trippyart ♬ I Want To Break Free – Remastered 2011 – Queen

It showcased a mesmerizing monstera leaf painted with shades of black, with hints of tropical – birds, mysterious creatures, and an aura of the unknown.

Now, imagine recreating this: Grab your canvas. Pick a predominantly black palette. You can also keep some green or gold for those details! Let your brush tell the tropical story.

Monstera on the Wall

Think canvas is too mainstream? @iheartartstudios has a challenge for you!

With 219.2K followers behind her, this lovely artist took Monstera painting a level up by giving her wall an ‘Albo Monstera’ makeover.

@iheartartstudios Painting an Albo Monstera Leaf on my lining room wall using acrylic paint. #becreative #wallinspiration #mural #livingroommural #homemural #paintingart #albomonstera #monsteraart #plantaddict #muralartist #paintyourhome ♬ Jungle Vibes – μœ€μƒˆ (Yunsae)

Shades of green and pure white graced her wall. Want to give it a shot? Pick a wall, preferably near a window (for that natural light!)

Sketch your Monstera’s outline. Paint away with alternating shades of green and white.

Watercolor Monstera

Andrea from – amassed over 1M followers – shared a delightful, beginner-friendly guide on painting a Monstera leaf using watercolors.

The result? Simply breathtaking. Leaves are a great thing for beginners to paint. Even if you cover it all up, it’s gonna be great! #watercolortutorial #monsteraleaf #learnwatercolor #easyart #momtok #planttok ♬ Simple, light and bright song – Kohrogi

Step-by-Step Guide: Painting a Monstera Leaf with Watercolors

1. Gather Your Materials

  • Watercolor paper (cold-pressed is excellent for texture!)
  • A pencil (for sketching)
  • Watercolor set (focus on different shades of green)
  • A brush (medium-sized round brush works wonders)
  • A cup of water
  • Paper towels (for blotting)

2. Sketch the Monstera Leaf

Start with a simple oval shape for the base of the leaf.

Add the signature splits and holes characteristic of the Monstera leaf. These can be random – nature isn’t always symmetrical!

3. Prepare Your Palette

Wet your green watercolor(s) with a drop or two of water. This ‘activates’ the paint.

Mix different greens on the palette for variety – think dark forest greens, bright lime greens, and earthy olive tones.

4. Lay Down the Base Color

Wet your brush and pick up a light green shade.

Paint the entire leaf with this shade. This acts as a base and will help other colors flow and blend smoothly.

5. Add Dimension with Darker Greens

Pick up a darker green without waiting for the base color to dry (the magic of watercolors is in the blending).

Apply it to the edges of the leaf and near the splits and holes. This will create a shadow effect, giving the leaf depth.

6. Let the Water Do the Work

After applying the darker green, clean your brush and use it to pull the dark color into the lighter base. This creates a smooth gradient.

Let the water and pigment mingle. Dab lightly with a paper towel if there’s too much water.

7. Final Touches

Once you’re satisfied with the blending, you can wait for the leaf to dry and add some fine veins with a delicate brush and a mix of green and brown.

For added depth, consider another layer of dark green on the edges and around the holes once the first layer is dry.

8. Admire Your Masterpiece

Once thoroughly dried, step back and admire your tropical Monstera creation. Perfect to frame or even gift!

Let your intuition guide you; it’s art! Even if you cover it all up, as Andrea says, “it’s gonna be great!”

More Tips and Tricks

Shadow Play: Use varying shades of green to give depth and character to your leaf.

Nature’s Stencils: Actual Monstera leaves can be used as stencils or inspiration. Place them under a light source for a captivating shadow!

Texture Tips: Using different brushes or sponges can create unique textures on your leaf, giving it a more realistic or abstract look based on your style.

It’s Your Time to Try

From canvas to walls, from watercolors to intricate patterns, the Monstera leaf is more than just a plant – it’s a muse, a canvas, an inspiration.

There’s always a Monstera masterpiece waiting to be created by you.

Create, share, and most importantly, have FUN!

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