Monstera Magic: How to Give Your Plant the Support it Deserves

For those of us with a green thumb, the satisfaction that comes from nurturing our botanicals is unparalleled.

However, even our plants occasionally require additional assistance to truly thrive.

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This particularly applies to the Monstera, a houseplant recognized for its large, shiny leaves and aerial roots.

Today, we’re turning our attention to a video from the ‘groveplanthub’ channel, where a plant aficionado provides her wisdom on giving your Monstera the support it needs to thrive.

Supporting Monstera with Moss Poles: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the featured TikTok video, our host, a dedicated plant enthusiast, presents us with a healthy yet top-heavy Monstera in need of support.

@groveplanthub Replying to @Ashtyn Replying to @Ashtyn Part 2 of the Doorstep Plants 🪴😍 Don’t be intimidated by giving your Monstera some extra support! 🌿 Anything with an aerial root will love a moss pole or something similar for the roots to cling on to. It’s a pretty straightforward process, just make sure you are not damaging or constricting the new growth. Good luck!! Drop questions in the comments! 🧚‍♂️ #planttransformation #monstera #monsteradeliciosa #plantsoftiktok #houseplants #pnw #fyp #fypシ゚viral #fypシ #mosspoles #plants #plantsoftiktok ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Let’s go over the steps our host employs to ensure her Monstera plant thrives in its home environment.

1. Assess the Root System

The host begins her Monstera care journey by examining the root system.

She finds it to be robust and well-established, indicating that the plant is generally healthy.

This step is crucial as it helps identify any potential issues that might be beneath the soil.

A healthy root system is the foundation of a thriving plant.

2. Identify the Need for Support

Monsteras are innate climbers and crawlers. When we accommodate them in our homes, they’re always seeking something to latch onto.

The host identifies that the Monstera, despite being healthy, is top-heavy and needs support to grow optimally.

3. Use Moss Poles

The solution to providing the necessary support is the use of moss poles.

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4. Secure the Plant

The host employs plant-safe tape to fasten the plant to the pole.

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She ensures to attach it at the thickest part of the plant to prevent impeding new growth or harming the leaves.

This step is crucial as it helps the plant stay upright and grow in the desired direction.

Supporting Your Monstera, The Advantages And Disadvantages

Before we delve into the step-by-step guide, let’s weigh the pros and cons of supporting your Monstera with a moss pole or similar support structure.


Monstera Monkey Mask established on the moss pole

1. Encourages Vertical Growth

Supporting your Monstera helps it grow vertically, which is more natural for this climbing plant. This can lead to larger, healthier leaves.

2. Stability

A support structure provides stability to your Monstera, especially when it becomes top-heavy. This prevents the plant from toppling over.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

A well-supported Monstera can be a stunning addition to your interior décor.

The vertical growth pattern is visually appealing and adds a touch of nature to your living space.

4. Healthier Roots

By attaching to a moss pole, the aerial roots of the Monstera can absorb moisture from the moss, which can contribute to a healthier root system.


A man waters a monstera plant

1. Additional Care

Providing support to your Monstera means you’ll need to invest more time in its care.

This includes regularly checking the support structure and adjusting it as the plant grows.

2. Potential Damage

If not done correctly, providing support can potentially damage the plant.

For example, tying the plant too tightly to the support can restrict growth and even cause damage to the stems.

3. Space Requirements

A Monstera growing vertically will require more vertical space, which might not be ideal for all living situations.

4. Cost

While not a major disadvantage, purchasing support structures like moss poles does add an extra cost to your plant care routine.

Understanding these pros and cons can help you make an informed decision about whether and how to provide support to your Monstera.

Addressing Monstera Questions

The video has sparked a lively conversation among the plant community, with viewers sharing their excitement and concerns about their own Monsteras.

Let’s address some of the common queries raised by the viewers:

Managing Unruly Aerial Roots

If your Monstera has leaves bigger than your head and the aerial roots are getting out of control, you can consider trimming them.

However, remember that these roots help the plant absorb moisture and nutrients, so it’s best to trim them sparingly.

Repotting and Sunlight Exposure

If you need to repot your Monstera and move it to a sunnier place, do it gradually.

monstera in a moss pole having sunlight

Start by exposing the plant to the new light conditions for a few hours each day, gradually increasing the exposure.

This will help the plant acclimate to its new environment and prevent shock.

When to Attach Monstera to a Moss Pole

It’s never too early to attach your Monstera to a moss pole! As soon as your Monstera starts developing aerial roots, you can introduce a moss pole.

The pole will provide the support your plant needs to grow upright and prevent it from becoming too top-heavy.

Where to Find Stackable Moss Poles

Stackable moss poles can be found at most gardening stores, both physical and online.

They’re also available on platforms like Amazon.

When choosing a moss pole, make sure it’s sturdy and tall enough for your Monstera to climb.

Nurturing Your Monstera to Flourish

Taking care of a Monstera plant can be a fulfilling task.

Providing support to your Monstera might need some effort, but the advantages to the plant’s well-being make it worthwhile.

So, with the right knowledge and tools, you can help your Monstera grow strong and healthy.

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