From Dying To Thriving: How To Rescue Your Sun-Scorched, Underwatered Monstera

Is your Monstera Deliciosa looking a bit on the sad side?

The plant experts on the Planterina channel on TikTok recently showcased an amazing overhaul of a sun-scorched and underwatered Monstera.

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If you’re facing a similar situation with your plant baby, this blog post is your saving grace! We’ll guide you through the entire process as shown in the video.

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The Monstera in Distress: What Does Sun-Scorched and Underwatered Mean?

Before we get into the details of the rescue project, let’s first understand what being sun-scorched and underwatered does to a Monstera.

Sun-scorching results from excessive exposure to direct sunlight, leading to leaf burn.

Underwatering, on the other hand, deprives the plant of the moisture it needs to thrive, causing the leaves to wilt and potentially die off.

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Our subject Monstera was in a similar state: leaves wilted, the green fading away, a clear sign of distress.

Watch the video here:

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Overhauling a Monstera: Step-by-Step Process

@planterina shows us how to properly repot a Monstera that has been left in bad shape. Here are the steps:

Removal of Foliage

The first step in our Monstera overhaul, as demonstrated by Planterina, is to carefully remove the affected foliage. This might look harsh, but it’s necessary to promote healthy new growth.

If you see any new foliage, it should be left untouched as it will help rejuvenate the plant.

Hands holding a Monstera stalk and garden scissors

Cutting Above New Leaf Formation

A crucial tip shared by Planterina is to make the cut above the place where new leaves form. Doing otherwise can severely impact the plant’s ability to bounce back.

Repotting the Monstera

If you have a plant that’s root-bound like our subject Monstera, repotting is the next step.

To repot a root-bound plant, you may have to cut the pot open, especially if you’re unable to remove it otherwise.

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Handling the Roots

With our Monstera out of its pot, Planterina suggests loosening the roots instead of cutting them.

The only exception is the roots that are spiraling around the top of the pot — these can be snipped off.

Choosing the Right Pot

Planterina then placed the Monstera in a new pot that was 2 inches larger in diameter than the previous one. Make sure your new pot has adequate drainage.

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Backfilling and Watering

The last steps are to backfill with light, loose soil, and water it in. Voila! Your Monstera should be on its way to a healthier life.

Propagation and Support: Tips from Planterina

To provide support to a large Monstera, Planterina recommends using a cedar pole, typically used for fence posts. This way, you won’t have to re-stake the plant for a long time.

Monstera deliciosa growing on a moss pole

For propagation, the TikTok plant guru advises cutting under the swollen part of the stem (node) and placing it in water.

Once the cutting grows roots about 2 inches long, it can be planted into the soil.

With these expert tips and tricks from Planterina, you too can salvage your sun-scorched, underwatered Monstera Deliciosa and nurse it back to health.

Remember, with a bit of patience and the right care, your plant can come back stronger than ever.

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