Must-See Video: Cutting And Propagation Of The Rare Monstera Albo

If it’s your first time trimming your Monstera Albo for propagation, then trust us when we say your anxieties are valid!

If your palms are sweaty at the thought of making that first snip, trust us, you’re not alone!

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We’re about to introduce you to a plant-parent who faced her fears, wielded her shears, and dared to make the cut (quite literally!).

Read on below as we take you to an adrenaline-fueled journey of propagation with a tall and beautiful ten-month-old Monstera Albo.

Watch and learn in this video:

@emilyy.rapp From a 4 leaf plant to a 14 leaf plant in just 10 months, i feel so lucky to have raised such a beauty, and i cant wait for the new growth🫶🏻 🌱 #monstera #monsteraalbo #variegatedplants #albomonstera #propagation #propagate ♬ original sound

From 14 Leaves Down to 4

In this video, Emily shares how she propagated her 10-month old Monstera Albo.

Witness the careful dissection of the Monstera, each leaf being cut away under the blade.

Her journey starts with an initial four-leafed plant, grows it into a 14-leafed one, and then takes the bold step to propagate it.

Propagation, a process of growing new plants from a variety of sources like seeds, cuttings, or other plant parts, comes to life in Emily’s video.

Emily shares every step, providing a transparent look into the propagation process.

She includes both the challenges, such as cutting her finger, and the successes, like deciding which leaves to keep.

She also shares which leaf to gift to a supportive friend, and which to sell to plant enthusiasts through a Facebook plant group.

Those who will be getting these cuttings are super lucky! See how rare a Monstera Albo is here: The Rare Plant That Everyone Is Looking For: Monstera Albo

Viewers Watch and Learn

Viewers have joined Emily on her journey, eager to learn from her experience.

@emily_timson wonders about the aftermath of cutting a tall plant, while @meigriley seeks the secrets of successful Albo growth.

Meanwhile, and @anna5908 and @thenanney question leaf care and soil mixture choices. Emily’s response was just regular potting mix and the soil the plant came in.

Emily’s video not only educates viewers about propagation but also highlights the financial potential of this hobby.

The high demand and corresponding price of Monstera Albo plants lead to a lively discussion in the comments.

@pattiabeam voices concerns about the steep prices, prompting Emily to share how she made back her initial investment by selling some of the propagated cuttings for $80 each. Wow!

Emily ends her video on a positive note, expressing anticipation for more growth and promising to share the continued journey with her followers.

The video has fostered a sense of community among viewers, with @crissonie asking about getting a plant to grow upwards and @sxbrio seeking the name of the Facebook group Emily used for selling her cuttings.

Gather the Courage to Make That First Cut

Emily’s story of plant propagation, especially with Monstera Albo, is an engaging story that goes beyond growing a plant.

florist cuts monstera albo plant with garden scissors

It shows that the joy lies not just in the result but in the process itself.

So if you’re still currently strapped with anxiety holding your gardening shears, contemplating whether to cut or not, take some courage from this video.

Your plant will be fine as long as you follow proper cutting techniques, which you can read more about here:

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