TikToker Shows The Physical Commitment Of Tending To A Giant Monstera Deliciosa

Taking care of plants isn’t just a serene, meditative experience. Sometimes, it becomes a feat of strength and endurance.

Krystal, the plant enthusiast behind the popular TikTok channel @plantswithkrystal, demonstrates this truth through her physically demanding journey with a massive Monstera Deliciosa.

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Her viral video has won the hearts of her one million followers, proving that nurturing these plants requires more than just a green thumb.

Krystal’s repotting video shines a light on the unspoken commitment and physical strength required in owning and caring for a plant, especially a Monstera Deliciosa that has grown into massive proportions.

Watch her viral video below:

@plantswithkrystal NEVER did I think I’d have so much fun with plants! This monstera deliciosa was a FB marketplace find that quickly became my favorite plant story. It takes up the whole corner of my living room and when I envisioned having an indoor jungle, I imagined a plant like this. After transporting down the street in wheel barrow, adding a wood plant to support it, and moving it myself, this has been my biggest plant challenge but it brings me so much joy. Do I recommend having a beast of a monstera in your home? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Now that it’s straighter, I may decide to change the support plant to a trellis. We’ll see what other adventures I’ll have with her soon. #monsteradeliciosaplant #bigplantsoftiktok #monsteraplants ♬ original sound – PlantswithKrystal

Huge Monstera Deliciosa: Not For The Weak

In Krystal’s video, we see that bringing home a Monstera Deliciosa isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

This green giant needed to be transported via wheelbarrow, turning the act of bringing her plant into her home into a cardio workout.

The sheer size of the plant demanded Krystal’s full strength, turning repotting into a full-body workout involving squats and upper body strength.

Huge monstera deliciosa split leaf in a red and black pot

Beyond just a plant care routine, nurturing a Monstera Deliciosa can also lead to unexpected DIY tasks.

Krystal found herself needing to fashion a support structure for the plant, which had her handling power tools and honing her carpentry skills.

Amid the soil and the power tools, it’s clear that tending to a Monstera Deliciosa is a commitment that extends beyond regular watering schedules.

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The Joy of New Growth

The payoff? Seeing each new leaf unfurl, a thrilling sight Krystal compares to Christmas morning.

This joyful anticipation and ultimate satisfaction are rooted in the plant’s growth process.

According to Krystal, it took hers a full 12 days for the leaf to unfurl, marking a significant event in its life cycle. This particular Monstera, now over 3 years old, has become a source of immense pride for her.

Watch this video below to see what the new leaf looks like:

@plantswithkrystal EVERYTHING is hreat about it! And now I’m a grandmother! As a plant parent, seeing your baby create a new leaf will never get old. This is took 12 days! This monstera is over 3 years old. If you have a monstera deliciosa and you wonder why you don’t have fenestrations it can be that one, it’s too young still. Fenestrations, especially triple fenestrations, come with the age of the plant. If it’s older and still not getting fenestrations, it may be that you need to provide a bit more light. #newleafwhodis #monsteradelisiosa #planttimelapsevideo ♬ The Feels – Labrinth

Her video shows us that the journey with a Monstera Deliciosa, although demanding, offers an unmatched sense of satisfaction.

There’s a sense of accomplishment in seeing each new leaf emerge. It’s a reminder that the energy and effort put into nurturing the plant aren’t without reward.

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A Video That Inspired Others

The comments section of the video reveals how much Krystal’s Monstera Deliciosa story has inspired others.

One user, @CollinPlant, proudly announced that he had split his Monstera recently. While another follower, @MortalEnvy, confessed to being intimidated by the plant but desiring to own one regardless.

Krystal’s encouraging response? Start with a baby Monstera to make the journey seem less daunting.

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma mini monstera in pink pot

A Worthwhile Challenge

Krystal’s TikTok video offers an unexpected lesson. Owning a Monstera Deliciosa, especially a large one, is a significant commitment that requires physical strength.

But the payoff, in the form of personal growth and the joy of seeing your plant thrive, is certainly worth the effort.

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