The One Monstera Variety You Should Never Try To Get: Monstera Obliqua

Few are as captivating as the Monstera genus in the vast and vibrant world of houseplants.

Their large, glossy leaves, punctuated with unique fenestrations, have made them a favorite among plant enthusiasts and interior designers alike.

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However, within this diverse family, there’s one variety that even the most seasoned plant parents might think twice about bringing into their homes: the Monstera Obliqua.

Monstera Obliqua: The Elusive Beauty

Monstera Obliqua is often referred to as the elusive beauty of the Monstera family.

Monstera Obliqua leaves with large fenestrations

This is not just due to its striking looks, with leaves that often look more like a beautiful lattice or a slice of Swiss cheese than a leaf.

Also because of its notorious rarity and the extreme difficulty involved in its care.

This variety of Monstera is incredibly rare, often making it the holy grail for dedicated houseplant collectors.

However, this rarity and the plant’s unique appearance have unfortunately made it a prime target for scams.

Features of the Monstera Obliqua

Monstera Obliqua is characterized by its slender and fragile leaves, which feature smaller perforations that cover only a fraction of the leaf surface area, typically around 10%-20%.

Monstera Obliqua in a pot

The perforations are circular and more evenly distributed, resulting in a more uniform pattern on the leaves.

Compared to other species, Monstera Obliqua grows at a slower pace, producing shorter and more compact vines

It has a tendency to grow vertically and requires additional support to climb effectively.

These features are the main reasons why it’s extremely rare in the first place.

Its thin and extremely sensitive, paper-thin leaves makes it difficult to ship and transport.

And since its growth rate is very slow, it’s it is very hard to propagate.

And according to a Monstera expert, there have been only been a few sightings of this plant in the wild.

Thus, chances are, the sites selling Monstera Obliqua online is a scam. Shipping this plant alone is almost impossible.

You can only probably get a legitimate plant from botanists or Monstera experts that know how to handle them.

Beware of Monstera Scams

When it comes to buying a Monstera Obliqua, one must tread carefully.

Due to its rarity, some sellers have been known to advertise a more common variety, the Monstera Adansonii, as the much more valuable Obliqua.

While to the untrained eye, these two varieties might seem similar, they are distinctly different.

Monstera Obliqua is characterized by having far more fenestrations than leaf material, making it look more like a lattice.

On the other hand, Monstera Adansonii has smaller holes and more leaf material.

To learn more about the difference between an Adansonii and Obliqua, read here: Monstera Adansonii vs Monstera Obliqua – What Are The Differences?

So, you see, it’s not that Monstera Obliqua is bad to have around the house. It’s just that searching for one makes you a prime target for scammers.

Gentle Reminder for Fellow Monstera Lovers

There are potential risks involved in buying a Monstera Obliqua and the challenges in caring for it.

This plant is indeed a beauty, but its rarity, high maintenance care, and the prevalence of scams make it a variety best left to experienced plant enthusiasts or those willing to take on a significant challenge.

The world of houseplants is full of wonderful and diverse species that can bring joy and greenery into your home.

When choosing your next plant, remember that the beauty of a plant goes beyond its appearance. It’s also about the journey of caring for it and watching it thrive.

So, choose wisely and enjoy the beautiful world of indoor gardening.

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The One Monstera Variety You Should Never Try To Get Monstera Obliqua