51 Monstera Name Ideas: What To Call Your Leafy Pal

You’ve got yourself a lovely Monstera plant? Congratulations! You’re now the proud parent of one of the most popular indoor plants around.

But wait, there’s one crucial thing missing: a name. You can’t just call it “plant” forever. No, your Monstera deserves a name that’s as unique and special as it is.

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But where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered with 51 Monstera name ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

We’ve broken them down into categories to help you find the perfect name for your leafy pal.

Names Inspired by Mythology and Legends

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful name for your Monstera plant, why not draw inspiration from mythology and legends?

Here are six names that are sure to give it a touch of magic and mystique.

Gypsum statue of a bust of God Apollo with monstera leaves

1. Athena

Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, this name suits a Monstera plant perfectly as it grows and evolves with you, gaining wisdom over time.

2. Dryad

In Greek mythology, Dryads were the spirits of trees. If your Monstera has a charming and enchanting aura, this name should be top of your list.

3. Antheia

Named after the Greek goddess of flowers, this is a fitting name for your Monstera as it unveils its splendid leaves.

4. Hydra

In Greek mythology, Hydra is a water serpent with numerous heads. If your Monstera is a climber with many branches, this name could be an apt choice.

5. Phoenix

The mythical bird that regenerates from its ashes symbolizes renewal. For a Monstera that has recovered from a rough patch and flourished, Phoenix is an apt moniker.

6. Griffin

A majestic creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. If your Monstera stands out with its grandeur, Griffin is the way to go.

Tropical Inspired Names

If you’re looking for a name that captures the lush and exotic feel of your Monstera plant, a tropical-inspired name might be just what you need.

Monstera outdoors

Here are five name suggestions that evoke the sun-kissed beaches and swaying palms of the tropics.

7. Maui

Named after the lush Hawaiian island, perfect for a Monstera that brings tropical vibes to your home.

8. Havana

Captures the spirit of the Cuban city, known for its vibrant culture and tropical climate.

9. Tahiti

An island paradise located in French Polynesia, fitting for a Monstera that’s a slice of paradise in your living room.

10. Bali

If your Monstera reminds you of the lush landscapes and tranquil beaches of Bali, go with this name.

11. Rio

A city famous for its vibrant lifestyle, lush forests, and tropical climate, like the environment a Monstera thrives in.

Color-inspired Names

Colors are emotive, they resonate with people, stir emotions, and can reflect the spirit of the object associated with them.

Up close photo of a monstera leaf

When it comes to naming your Monstera, color-inspired names can be a wonderful way to capture the essence of your green companion.

These names can echo the deep verdancy of your Monstera, adding a touch of character and charm to its identity.

12. Forest

For a Monstera with rich, deep-green leaves, reminiscent of a dense forest.

Much like a walk in the woods, this name evokes a sense of tranquillity and connection with nature.

13. Jade

Perfect for a Monstera with shiny, jewel-like leaves. If your Monstera captures attention with its striking green hue, akin to precious jade, this name accentuates its preciousness and beauty.

14. Olive

If your Monstera has a more subtle, muted green color, Olive could be the perfect name.

The color olive represents peace and harmony, much like the calming energy your Monstera brings to your space.

15. Sage

For a Monstera with a wise aura and light green, sage-like leaves. The name Sage signifies wisdom and immortality, reflecting the enduring beauty of your Monstera.

16. Emerald

A great name for the Monstera that boasts a lush, emerald green hue.

Just like the precious gemstone, your Monstera shines with a deep and captivating green color, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to any space it graces.

The name Emerald perfectly captures the rich and enchanting beauty of your Monstera’s foliage.

Size Inspired Names

It’s no secret that Monsteras can grow to be quite sizable, turning into towering beauties that can’t be ignored.

huge monstera leaf with a hand on top for scale

Therefore, what better way to pay tribute to your Monstera’s impressive size than by choosing a name that highlights this very feature?

Here are some size-inspired names that would suit a larger-than-life Monstera.

17. Biggie

Perfect for that Monstera which, like the late rapper, is larger than life. This name encapsulates a charismatic presence, making it perfect for a Monstera that fills a room with its size and aura.

18. Titan

A name suited for a Monstera that commands attention and dominates its space. If your Monstera is a towering presence in your home, Titan celebrates its majestic and robust nature.

19. Jumbo

If your Monstera is strikingly large and lush, Jumbo captures its essence perfectly. The name playfully emphasizes the plant’s grand stature and presence.

20. Goliath

For a giant Monstera that isn’t afraid to make its presence known. Named after the biblical giant, this name is perfect for a Monstera that dares to touch the ceiling with its skyward growth.

21. Mammoth

If your Monstera is impressive and prehistoric-sized, go with Mammoth. This name pays tribute to its massive size and ancient lineage, as Monsteras have been around since prehistoric times.

Names Based on Famous Plant Lovers

Throughout history, there have been individuals who have had a deep love and appreciation for plants.

Statue of Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury Shropshire

From scientists to artists, their passion for botanical wonders has left a lasting impact.

By naming your Monstera after these famous plant lovers, you not only honor their contributions but also celebrate the connection between humans and nature.

22. Darwin

Charles Darwin is known for his love of plants, and his theory of natural selection could explain why your Monstera is the best-looking one on the block.

Naming your Monstera Darwin pays homage to his botanical passion and the evolutionary wonder that your plant embodies.

23. Mendel

Gregor Mendel, the father of modern genetics, would be honored to have your Monstera named after him.

Just as Mendel’s experiments revealed the intricate patterns of heredity, your Monstera’s unique features make it a living testament to the marvels of genetic expression.

24. Sagan

For astronomer Carl Sagan who reminded us that we are all made of “star-stuff”, just like your cosmically beautiful Monstera.

By naming your Monstera Sagan, you draw a connection between the wonders of the universe and the awe-inspiring nature of your plant’s growth and vitality.

25. Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau’s deep appreciation for nature and solitude aligns with your Monstera’s humble yet profound beauty.

Naming your Monstera Thoreau evokes a sense of tranquility, simplicity, and an appreciation for the wildness that your plant brings to your living space.

26. George Washington Carver

A scientist who revolutionized agriculture, Carver would be an apt namesake for your resilient Monstera.

Just as Carver’s innovative work promoted sustainability and self-sufficiency, your Monstera embodies resilience, growth, and the transformative power of nature.

Pop Culture References

Sometimes, the best inspiration for a name comes from the world of pop culture.

A setting display of Master Yoda

Movies, TV shows, and books have introduced us to memorable characters and storylines that we can’t help but fall in love with.

So why not draw from these sources to find the perfect name for your Monstera, infused with a touch of pop culture charm?

27. Yoda

A wise and mysterious character from Star Wars, much like your Monstera.

By naming your Monstera Yoda, you pay tribute to its graceful presence and the air of wisdom that emanates from its lush foliage.

28. Groot

If your Monstera keeps growing and growing, name it after the adorable tree-like character from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Groot represents strength, resilience, and the power of friendship—qualities that align perfectly with your Monstera’s ever-expanding greenery.

29. Elphaba

This name from Wicked, the hit musical, is perfect for the Monstera that defies gravity by reaching toward the sky.

Like Elphaba, your Monstera stands tall, defying expectations and adding a touch of magic to any space it occupies.

30. Poison Ivy

A cheeky nod to the villain from Batman who uses plants as her weapon of choice.

Naming your Monstera Poison Ivy adds a touch of mischievousness and highlights the allure of its captivating leaves.

31. Audrey II

A tribute to the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Thankfully, your Monstera is vegetarian!

Audrey II represents the fascinating blend of beauty and danger, reflecting your Monstera’s ability to captivate with its stunning foliage.

32. Ents

The tree-beings from Lord of the Rings share a Monstera’s grandeur and grace.

By naming your Monstera Ents, you pay homage to the strength and elegance of these fictional creatures, echoing the majesty your Monstera brings to your home.

33. The Hulk

With its massive leaves and vibrant presence, your Monstera can channel the incredible strength and power of the Hulk, a superhero known for his green appearance and unstoppable force.

Names Based on Appearance

The unique appearance of your Monstera can inspire names that capture its distinct qualities, celebrating its visual charm and adding a touch of personality to its identity.

Monstera albo mariegated

34. Freckles

For the Monstera that has a splash of variegation on its leaves, making it look like it has adorable freckles.

The name Freckles adds a playful and endearing quality to your Monstera’s already charming appearance.

35. Stretch

Apt for the Monstera that loves to stretch its leaves and vines towards the sun.

Naming your Monstera Stretch emphasizes its dynamic and energetic nature as it reaches for the light.

36. Lace

If your Monstera has intricate fenestrations that resemble lacework, this name is a winner.

Lace perfectly captures the delicate and intricate patterns that adorn your Monstera’s leaves, accentuating its elegance and refinement.

37. Velvet

For that Monstera whose leaves have a velvety sheen, making it irresistible to touch.

The name Velvet highlights the tactile allure of your Monstera’s foliage, invoking a sense of luxury and sensuousness.

38. Emerald

A great name for the Monstera that boasts a lush, emerald green hue.

Just as emerald is a precious gem, your Monstera’s verdant color represents vitality, growth, and the natural beauty it brings to your living space.

39. Shadow

For the plant that loves to cast interesting shapes and shadows with its fenestrations.

The name Shadow captures the playfulness and intrigue your Monstera brings as it dances with light, creating captivating patterns and silhouettes in your home.

Funny Names

Let’s be honest, plants are members of our family, and sometimes, we just want to have a little fun with their names. After all, who said plant names couldn’t tickle your funny bone?

Here are a few humorous name suggestions that’ll not only suit your Monstera but will also bring a smile to anyone who hears them.

40. Sir Leafsalot

A comical name for a Monstera with numerous, prominent leaves. This name adds a humorous touch and pays tribute to the plant’s lush and leafy appearance.

41. Philodendron Phil

A quirky name that combines the Monstera’s family name (Philodendron) with a common human name for a touch of personification.

It’s a fun way to acknowledge your Monstera’s botanical roots while giving it a friendly, relatable vibe.

42. Leafy McLeaf

For a Monstera with an abundance of leaves, and a nod to internet naming trends.

This tongue-in-cheek name is a playful way to celebrate your Monstera’s leafiness and brings a dose of internet culture into your plant naming.

Monstera Puns

Adding a touch of humor to your Monstera’s name can bring a lighthearted and playful vibe to your plant parenthood experience.

These pun-filled names add a dash of wit and charm to your Monstera’s identity, making you smile every time you say its name.

43. Monstera Delici-oso

A play on Monstera Deliciosa, this name is for a plant that’s just too deliciously good-looking.

Monstera Delici-oso highlights your plant’s stunning appearance, capturing the essence of its irresistibly attractive foliage.

44. Monster Mash

A nod to the classic Halloween tune, for a Monstera that brings a bit of spooky fun to your space. Just like the catchy song, your Monstera’s presence adds a playful and festive touch to your home.

45. Mona-leaf-a

This name brings to mind the iconic smile of the Mona Lisa, perfect for a Monstera that adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to your space.

Like the enigmatic masterpiece, your Monstera’s beauty captivates and leaves an everlasting impression.

Names Inspired by Famous Painters

The world of art is a treasure trove of inspiration for naming your Monstera.

Just as famous painters used their brushes to create masterpieces, your Monstera is a living work of art.

Brushes and colorful abstract oil colors painters pallet

These names pay homage to renowned artists and celebrate the artistic flair your Monstera brings to your home.

46. Monet

This famous French painter was known for his landscape artistry, much like your Monstera, which creates a beautiful natural tableau in your home.

By naming your Monstera Monet, you evoke the serene and enchanting qualities of Monet’s renowned paintings.

47. Van Gogh

For a Monstera that’s as mesmerizing and complex as a Van Gogh painting.

Van Gogh’s unique style and use of vibrant colors parallel the captivating and striking nature of your Monstera’s leaves, making this name a perfect match.

48. Frida

Just like Frida Kahlo, this name is perfect for a Monstera that exudes a bold and vibrant aura.

Frida Kahlo’s art was known for its expressive and passionate nature, mirroring the fierce energy and vivacity of your Monstera.

49. Matisse

Matisse loved to incorporate bold, organic forms in his paintings, just like the bold and leafy Monstera.

By naming your Monstera Matisse, you celebrate the dynamic and lively presence that your plant brings to your living space.

50. Picasso

For a Monstera that’s as unique and boundary-pushing as the famous Spanish painter.

Picasso’s artistic vision challenged convention, much like your Monstera’s distinctive and eye-catching appearance, making this name an homage to creativity and individuality.

51. O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe was renowned for her close-up flower paintings. An apt name for a Monstera that demands close-up admiration of its leaves.

Just as O’Keeffe’s paintings captured the intimate beauty of flowers, your Monstera’s intricate and captivating foliage deserves the same level of attention and appreciation.

Get Creative with Your Monstera Name!

Whether you choose a name inspired by mythology, a tropical paradise, or something else entirely, giving your Monstera plant a name is a fun and creative way to make it feel like a true member of your plant pack.

We hope this list was able to inspire your creative juices so you can come up with the most suitable name for your leafy pal that’s as unique and special as it is!

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