Ramen Roots and Runaway Monsteras: A Lesson in Timely Repotting

Ever wondered what could happen if you failed to repot your rapidly growing Monstera?

TikToker @hapaplantmom takes us on a journey that starts with an innocent Monstera plant growing beyond control!

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We’re about to show you two videos of unruly roots, resilient foliage, and a walkthrough of Monstera repotting mayhem.

Huge monstera with large leaves

A Monster Monstera And Its Roots

Have you ever seen a Monstera pot literally bursting at the seams with roots?

These relentless roots, dubbed by viewers as “ramen noodles,” are so dense and intertwined that the creators have to break the pot just to free their leafy plant. Watch it here:

@hapaplantmom we had to break the pot to get him out 🫡 #planttok #monstera #rootbound #repotting ♬ sad SpongeBob music – michael

@spicyaries666 reveals her phobia by questioning, “Does anyone get extremely freaked out by plant roots or am I alone in this?”

To which @plantswithkrystal laughingly responds, “We love a good bowl of ramen roots. Goodness knows how long it takes to break a piece of that root ball apart.”

@hapaplantmom resigns, saying “literally hours.” This truly is an example of what might happen if you fail to repot your ever-growing Monstera.

But how does a plant get to this point? Keep reading to see what happened and how long it took for the roots to look like that.

Massive root ball of a monstera

Monstera Grows Wild: A Four-Year Journey

In the second video, we witness @hapaplantmom on a four-year adventure (2019-2023) with a Monstera Deliciosa.

@hapaplantmom Replying to @tatianasplants 💀 it wasn’t always like this #planttok #monstera #repotting #plantmom #indoorplants ♬ Happy Together – The Turtles

Starting with a cute and manageable plant in a new pot, we see the first trellis being set up.

By 2020, it already demands a new home. It has started to outgrow the sink where it used to have deep watering. Additionally, the once humble Monstera now displays aerial roots.

The turning point comes in 2021, when @hapaplantmom leaves for a vacation and returns to find the plant “roasted”. Seeing visible yellowing and brown edges on the Monstera leaves can be devastating.

Nonetheless, the Monstera persists, living in the same pot for another year until it’s finally repotted in 2023.

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The Importance of Timely Repotting

This misadventure gives us hope for the plant’s recovery and leaves us with a valuable lesson about the importance of timely repotting.

Commenters share their experiences too. @jewpersonincouch confesses, “I had mine in such pretty pots until he got huge. Now he’s in a Home Depot Bucket.”

Another viewer, churro, sheds light on a possible cause for such unruly growth, “I think it’s because they actually put multiple plants in the same pot so it looks more lush when you buy but then it causes overcrowding”.

@hapaplantmom agrees wholeheartedly, “This! lessons were learned.”

The Green Takeaway

There you have it! @hapaplantmom’s wild ride with a Monstera Deliciosa has taught us the value of regular repotting.

Allowing a plant to overgrow can lead to overcrowding, which can inhibit its growth and health.

Repotting, providing enough light, and ensuring appropriate care can prevent your precious green companion from turning into an unruly beast.

Remember, every plant deserves a happy home, even if it’s a Home Depot bucket!

Save yourself the trouble and repot your Monsteras on time, folks!

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