Monstera Deliciosa Rescue Story: How A Clearance Section Find Found New Life

Who said a clearance section doesn’t hold the promise of hidden treasures?

A video by @channygrayhome unfolds this unexpected truth in a compelling way.

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Channy Gray takes her audience on a rescue mission, giving this dying Monstera Deliciosa another shot.

Watch the video below for the entire process of how she revived a fungus-ridden Monstera.


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With over 24.5K engagements, her video is a beacon of hope for plant lovers and beginners alike, demonstrating that a little knowledge and a lot of care can turn even the saddest of plants around.

Uncovering a Hidden Gem in the Clearance Sale Section

Channy Gray found this Monstera for just $10 at a clearance sale.

This is quite a steal considering how expensive Monsteras can be. You have to see how expensive Monsteras can be: Most Expensive Monstera: A Price Tag As Monstrous As Its Name!

Despite this one’s sorry state – covered in fungus and plagued with spider mites – Channy saw potential where others didn’t.

First, Channy explained the necessary steps to rejuvenate the plant, all while diligently cutting away at the infected parts.

She detailed how to avoid cutting into the petiolar sheath of new growth and to prune the older leaves straight back to the stem.

Once the necessary trimming was done, Channy revealed the drastic difference through an engaging ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison. But this was not the end.

She next transplanted the Monstera into a mix of native and cactus palm soil.

Although Channy acknowledged a preference for her usual indoor soil mix, she ensured her audience that this cactus palm mix would also work, as long as she kept it well-fertilized.

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The newly revived Monstera found its new home on Channy’s covered porch, a space she planned to enhance with rocks in due course.

A pleasant surprise awaited viewers as Channy revealed the thriving plant after trimming and repotting, already sporting substantial new growth.

She ended her video with an enticing forecast: the renewed Monstera would soon fill up the entire wall of her porch, promising a lush, green space.

Encouragement From Viewers

Channy’s efforts were met with impressed followers, as seen in their excited comments.

@sofiaaa_rod, one of her followers, expressed her surprise and excitement at the drastic growth.

@yayiz1025 envisioned the potential of the small space becoming a mini jungle.

Intriguing and enlightening, the story of this Monstera Deliciosa serves as an eye-opener into the world of plant care and the potential of clearance sale finds. Have you personally had any impressive clearance plant rescues?

We hope you enjoyed this incredible plant rescue video, and maybe you’ll find yourself inspired to start a rescue mission of your own!

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