Expert Shows How To Grow Larger Monstera In The Same Pot Size

If you’re one of us, you’ve likely come across a viral video that’s been making rounds on TikTok.

A piece from none other than the popular plant-fluencer @tannertheplanter, who boasts an impressive 1.4 million followers, has been sparking conversations, questions, and a whole lot of love for Monsteras!

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The video, featuring a rather impressive Monstera transplant, has been viewed over 330.5K times, attracting a staggering 19.7K likes and a steady stream of comments.

Clearly, @tannertheplanter has done something right to warrant such a response from the online community!

Watch the much talked-about video here:

@tannertheplanter Truth be told, I liked the way it looked with the other trellis, but it’ll be nice for this owner to be able to control the growth of this Monstera! The soil recipe is 1pt peat, 1pt orchid bark, 1pt pea gravel, and 1pt horticultural sand with a little slow release fertilizer mixed in for good measure. I’ve been performing this technique for several years and can vouch, along with thousands of other folks, it’s perfectly fine for the plant when done properly. At some point with large plants you have to start controlling the growth! #monstera #planttips #planttiktok ♬ original sound – Tanner Mitchell

Here’s the Dirt

Let’s dig into the soil of this video. Tanner, a.k.a. our friendly plant-fluencer, performs what he calls “houseplant surgery” on a Monstera.

The plant’s owner wanted a taller moss pole installed but didn’t want to upsize the pot.

Here’s where things get interesting: Tanner removes the old trellis and trims the roots—a process he compares to bonsai techniques.

Root trimming isn’t as common amongst tropical plant growers, but it serves the same purpose—controlling the size of the plant.

But don’t fret, our plant expert reassures us he never trims more than a third of the roots, so the plant has plenty of time to recover during the longer spring and summer days.

Plant Parenthood: The Re-potting and Trimming Debate

The video has sparked some lively conversations around re-potting and trimming Monsteras.

Gardener removing trimmed roots of Monstera plant

Many plant lovers might shudder at the thought of chopping off those beautiful, spiraling roots. And yet, Tanner’s technique shines a new light on how we care for our Monstera pals.

The importance of re-potting and trimming cannot be overstated.

Woman repotting a Monstera

At times, when our leafy companions grow too large, we need to take control, just as Tanner demonstrates in the video. This ensures that our Monsteras continue to thrive, even when their living quarters are a bit snug.

But remember, as Tanner pointed out in a reply to a comment, the technique won’t harm your plant if done correctly.

Gardener holding shears to trim monstera roots

So, before you whip out those shears, take the time to learn about the proper way to trim and transplant your Monstera.

A Viral Recipe

Our TikTok star also shares his magic soil recipe: 1 part peat, 1 part orchid bark, 1 part pea gravel, and 1 part horticultural sand, with a sprinkle of slow-release fertilizer.

This blend has been tried, tested, and vouched for by thousands, guaranteeing a healthy, happy Monstera.

Are You Willing To Try This Houseplant Surgery On Your Monstera?

This video has not only demystified a less known plant-care technique but also opened up a new world of possibilities for your indoor gardening journey.

Whether you’re up for the challenge of “houseplant surgery” or prefer to stick to more traditional methods, it’s clear that there’s always more to learn about nurturing our green friends.

Gardener trimming Monstera roots

So, keep those green thumbs up, fellow Monstera lovers, and remember: our leafy companions depend on us for their care. Let’s grow together!

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