TikTok Plant Star “Gina The Monstera” Surprises With New Growth After Repotting

If you’re a gardening enthusiast on TikTok, you’ve probably come across “Gina” the Monstera. We recently came across one of her viral TikTok videos.

The video was shared by the popular TikTok channel @thekristenkronicles. Kristen, the channel creator, is known for her amusing and highly informative videos revolving around her love for plants.

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This time, she brings great news to her audience with the mesmerizing transformation of her TikTok star Monstera, Gina.

In the video, Kristen shares her exciting journey of repotting Gina and the unexpected growth spurt that followed.

Watch how Kristen saw the new growth in this video below:

@thekristenkronicles ✨Miss Gina just don’t stop!✨ Plants are just so cool man🥹 I was nervous how she was going to handle being repotted, but I believe this was her way of reasuring me she’s all good☺️ Gina is foreverrr my favorite girl!💘 #monstera #plants #plantsoftiktok #planttok #planttiktok #plantmom #plantlover #favoriteplant #monsteradeliciosa #plantcare ♬ Awaken – Big Wild

Gina Before Repotting

Gina has frequently appeared in Kristen’s videos so a lot of followers are often thrilled about getting an update on her.

This particular narrative began when Kristen noticed Gina’s new leaf shoot turning an alarming shade of yellow and brown.

Recognizing this as a sign of distress, Kristen knew Gina needed repotting.

Green and Yellow Leaf Meaning

If you have a Monstera and start to notice yellow and brown patches on its leaves, this could be indicative of several issues, primarily related to watering, light conditions, potting issues, or nutrients.

When Monstera leaves turn yellow, it’s often a sign of overwatering or poor drainage.

Monstera leaf turning yellow and brown

Monstera plants prefer well-draining soil and should not be left sitting in water, as this can lead to root rot, a common cause of yellowing leaves.

On the other hand, brown patches on the leaves, particularly around the edges or tips, might indicate that the plant is not getting enough water, or it could be a response to low humidity.

In some cases, it could also be a sign of a nutrient deficiency, particularly if the plant is not getting enough nitrogen, which is essential for photosynthesis and overall growth.

Like most indoor plants, Monsteras need a balance of light, water, and nutrients to stay healthy, and changes in leaf color can be a clear sign that one or more of these elements are out of balance.

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A Difficult Transition: The Repotting Process

Repotting, while necessary for plants, carries a risk of transplant shock.

Kristen was understandably apprehensive about Gina’s move. However, her curiosity about Gina’s potential growth in her new environment led her to make the transition.

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A Green Surprise: New Leaf Growth

Two days post-repotting, Kristen was in for a delightful surprise. Gina had not only adjusted well in her new pot, but she had also sprung a brand new leaf from an area that was previously withering.

A testament to plant resilience, this rejuvenation left Kristen and her community in awe. Just two days!

Here’s how to encourage yours to grow new leaf: 5 Ways To Encourage More Leaf Growth On Your Monstera

Gina’s Fans Reacts!

This transformation sparked a flurry of comments and questions from Kristen’s followers.

When user @_cantrelate asked for signs indicating the need for repotting, as hers hasn’t put out new leaf for over a year, another fellow follower @ohgingko pointed out that her issue was indeed already a sign.

Another follower, @dreaeliz, was curious about Kristen’s plant nurturing methods, specifically her choice of plant food. Kristen shared that she uses the powder form of MiracleGro plant food mixed with water.

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The Joy of Plant Parenting

The joy derived from seeing a plant grow and flourish is an unmatched experience.

We’re looking forward to presenting more inspirational plant tales.

Remember, each leaf represents a victory of life. And as Gina’s transformation illustrates, with some care and patience, plants can surprise us with their resilience and growth.

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