Epic Monstera Roadtrip: Couple Drives 1000+ Miles From Miami To DC For A Giant Monstera

What lengths would you go to get your hands on a coveted, giant Monstera Deliciosa? Climb the highest mountain? Swim the widest sea?

What about a road trip from Miami to Washington DC? This video will show you how to do it!

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Meet the couple who have found internet stardom thanks to their extraordinary dedication to each other and the monstera; they documented this incredible adventure on TikTok.

Their awe-inspiring journey on the highway, covering a distance of over 1,000 miles, has been affectionately termed the “Monstera road trip”.

@plantdparenthood has documented this incredible adventure on TikTok. Watch the video to see how the story went.

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The Cross-Country Trip

Their story began with a simple but generous act of friendship: a giant Monstera cutting gifted from a friend in sunny Miami.

The plant enthusiasts, known by their channel name, @plantdparenthood, decided to transport this botanical behemoth by driving all the way back to their home in Washington D.C. Now that’s what we call dedication!

Traveling monstera to DC

As with any epic adventure, this one came with its challenges. The couple was faced with a unique problem – how to safely and effectively transport a gigantic Monstera cutting on a cross-country trip.

But the duo, powered by their love for houseplants, came up with a creative solution that would keep the Monstera in its prime condition.

The plant was so huge it couldn’t fit inside the trunk. They had to carefully place it in the back seat of the car.

Upon reaching their apartment, they had to use a wagon to haul it inside. Thankfully, the plant made it to their home alive and well, and just needed a bit of TLC.

A Mix of Amused and Concerned Comments

The TikTok video documenting this Monstera’s incredible journey has since gone viral, boasting an impressive 3.3M views and a whopping 387.7K likes.

The video is humorously described by the creators as a “True story #roadtrip”. It has prompted a flurry of delighted comments from the TikTok community.

Monstera inside living room

One user, @Lovelycarol1227 showed appreciation for the boyfriend: “Awesomeness he’s a keeper. Beautiful Monstera.”

After all, not all boyfriends would go through all the trouble accompanying their girlfriend to get the giant Monstera she wanted.

We also couldn’t ignore the concerned comment from user @darika, who said: “Imagine the cross-country spider mites.”

Well, fear not darika; @plantdparenthood reassures us that the plant was treated for pests before and after transport.

Going the Distance for a Monstera Deliciosa

In all this love, laughter, and leafy green enthusiasm, what stands out most is the dedication and resourcefulness of this plant-loving couple.

They’ve demonstrated that distance is no barrier when it comes to securing the perfect houseplant.

So, if you’re ever feeling uninspired about your green friends, remember this story.

Recall the couple who drove a thousand miles for their Monstera, and think about how you too can show a little extra love to your plants. The journey might just be worth it.

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