5 Creative Uses for Fallen Monstera Leaves: Harness Nature’s Beauty

Monstera plants are well-known for their beautiful, deep-green, waxy, fenestrated leaves that bring a touch of tropical charm to any home or garden.

These low-maintenance plants have many benefits, including air purification and dehumidification. But what happens when their enticing leaves start to fall?

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Instead of discarding these fallen leaves, consider getting creative and repurposing them for various uses around your home.

In this article, we’ll explore five imaginative ways to make the most of your fallen Monstera leaves.

From crafting unique décor pieces to harnessing their natural benefits, these innovative ideas can serve as inspiration for you on how to upcycle these stunning leaves.

So, let’s get started on transforming your fallen Monstera leaves into something practical and extraordinary.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Decorating

Monstera leaves have unique aesthetic appeal and can be used to accentuate the beauty of your indoor spaces.

Here are some creative ways to use fallen Monstera leaves to bring an element of nature and elegance into your living space.

Framed Art

Monstera leaf pressed in a picture frame

Framing a Monstera leaf transforms it into an artwork that adds a natural and sophisticated touch to your home.

The framed leaf could be a conversation starter and may inspire other botanical elements in your interior design. To do this, you can follow these steps:

1. Choose a fallen Monstera leaf that is still in good condition.

2. Flatten the leaf between heavy books or by using a flower press.

3. Choose a suitable frame size and style that complements your leaf and your existing decor.

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4. Carefully place the flattened leaf inside the frame, positioning it so that it becomes the focal point.

5. Hang your framed Monstera leaf in a spot where it will be appreciated, such as a gallery wall, above a mantel, or beside a window.

This stylish yet simple art piece can add a touch of greenery and sophistication to any room.

Table Centerpieces

Monstera leaves in a vase with water on top of a table

Another creative way to use fallen Monstera leaves is by incorporating them into table centerpieces.

Using fallen Monstera leaves as table centerpieces can create a stunning and unique display that adds a touch of natural beauty to any space.

Monstera leaves are known for their large, vibrant green foliage and distinctive splits and perforations, making them a popular choice for interior decor.

Here are some details on how to utilize fallen Monstera leaves effectively as table centerpieces:

1. Look for fallen Monstera leaves that are in good condition, without any visible damage or discoloration.

2. Clean them gently with a damp cloth and trim the stems.

3. Select a vase or container that complements the leaves and matches the overall style.

4. Arrange the leaves. Place a few larger leaves at the center as a focal point. Create a fan or spiral pattern. Fill gaps with smaller leaves and add other natural elements such as flowers for texture and color.

5. Experiment with different vase heights or use supports to add depth and visual interest.

6. Add candles or LED lights strategically to highlight the glossy texture of the leaves and create ambiance.

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7. Mist the leaves lightly with water daily, avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, and replace any wilting or damaged leaves.

2. Gardening Ideas

Fallen Monstera leaves can be put to good use in your garden, benefiting both your plants and the environment.

fallen Monstera leaf with other fallen leaves

In this section, we’ll explore two excellent ways to utilize these leaves: composting and using them as natural mulch.


One fantastic way to make use of fallen Monstera leaves is by incorporating them into your compost pile. This practice supports plant growth and contributes to a more sustainable gardening approach.

Composting allows you to recycle organic materials and return essential nutrients back to your garden. Here’s how to include Monstera leaves in your compost:

1. Collect the leaves by raking up the fallen leaves and placing them in your compost bin.

2. Ensure a proper balance between green materials (like fresh grass clippings) and brown materials (like fallen leaves) in your compost pile. A good ratio is 2:1 (brown to green).

3. Turn your compost pile regularly to provide adequate oxygen and maintain an even decomposition process.

Natural Mulch

Another great way to utilize fallen Monstera leaves is by using them as natural mulch around your plants.

Mulching helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, and provide valuable nutrients for your plants as the leaves decompose.

Here’s how to create natural mulch with your fallen Monstera leaves:

1. Rake the leaves into a long row about a foot wide, and run a lawn mower over them a few times to shred them into smaller pieces.

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2. Spread the mulch using a pitchfork to spread a 1-inch layer evenly around the roots of your plants. Be careful not to pile the mulch directly against the plant stems, as this might encourage diseases.

Ultimately, the discarded leaves of a Monstera plant can become a significant resource for those passionate about gardening.

Therefore, whenever you observe your Monstera plant shedding leaves, consider gathering them to experiment with these inventive applications.

3. Craft Projects

Monstera leaves are known for their unique shape and large size, making them a perfect option for various craft projects.

Here are a couple of DIY ideas to spark your creativity and repurpose those fallen Monstera leaves.

Pressed Leaf Art

Collection of dried, pressed leaves and flowers

Pressed leaf art is a timeless way to preserve the beauty of leaves, and Monstera leaves are no exception. To create your own pressed Monstera leaf art:

1. First, gently clean and dry the leaf.

2. Place the leaf between two sheets of wax paper or parchment paper.

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3. Put the wax paper-covered leaf inside a heavy book, ensuring that the book is large enough to cover the entire leaf.

4. Put the book under a stack of other books or weigh it down with a heavy object.

5. Leave the leaf to press and dry for at least two to four weeks.

6. Once your Monstera leaf is pressed and dry, you can frame it and display it as a piece of art or incorporate it into other projects.

Monstera Leaf Coasters

Creating Monstera leaf coasters is a fun and functional way to use fallen leaves. These coasters can be conversation pieces and serve as reminders of nature’s beauty in daily life.

To make these coasters, you’ll need:

  • Fallen Monstera leaves
  • Clear casting resin
  • A mold for coasters
  • A sealer or varnish (optional)

Here’s the process:

1. Clean and dry the Monstera leaves thoroughly.

2. If desired, seal the leaves with a varnish to preserve their color and reduce the possibility of air bubbles in the resin.

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3. Prepare the clear casting resin according to the package instructions.

4. Pour a thin layer of resin into the coaster mold and gently press the Monstera leaf into the resin, ensuring it’s properly coated.

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5. Let the resin cure according to the package instructions.

6. Once cured, remove the coaster from the mold and enjoy your unique Monstera leaf coaster!

These coasters make excellent gifts or can be a stylish addition to your own home.

4. Fashion Accessories

Monstera leaves have a distinct, tropical aesthetic that can be incorporated into fashion accessories for a unique style statement.

For a few trendy ways to incorporate fallen Monstera leaves into your personal style, chem them out below.

Monstera Leaf Jewelry

One way to incorporate monstera leaves into your fashion is through jewelry.

Usually, making jewelry out of this plant is applicable to small-sized leaves, especially for creating earrings, pendants, and similar items.

However, you can also utilize a larger fallen Monstera leaf by cutting a small portion to capture its intricate details and incorporate them into the jewelry you desire.

In making this kind of jewelry out of real leaves, you may find it helpful to check out the YouTube video below.

Jewelry adorned with monstera leaf designs can add a touch of elegance and nature-inspired beauty to your ensemble.

Whether you prefer delicate and dainty pieces or bold and dramatic ones, there’s a Monstera leaf jewelry option for everyone.

DIY Headpieces

Fallen Monstera leaves offer a unique opportunity for DIY enthusiasts to create natural and beautiful headpieces.

Their captivating form makes them a stunning addition to headbands, hair clips, or floral crowns. Here are some ideas for creating your own Monstera leaf headpieces:

Simple Hair Clip

Attach a single Monstera leaf to an alligator clip or bobby pin to create a minimalist and chic hair accessory.

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Floral Crown

Intertwine monstera leaves with flowers, in complementary colors, around a wire headband to create a lush, tropical-inspired crown.

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Combination Headband

Mix monstera leaves with other tropical leaves, like palm fronds or ferns, and add flowers for a textured and diverse headpiece design.

To create these headpieces, use materials such as floral wire, hot glue, and fabric or ribbon to secure the leaves.

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You may also wish to incorporate other decorative elements, like beads or crystals, to add some sparkle to your Monstera leaf accessories.

Remember to care for real monstera leaf headpieces by keeping them cool and hydrated, and be aware that they may have a limited lifespan compared to artificial leaf options.

5. Gift Wrapping

A paper bag with a Monstera leaf

Gift wrapping is another wonderful avenue to express your creativity and love for nature.

Using Monstera leaves in your gift wrapping not only adds a unique personal touch but also brings a hint of tropical ambiance to your presents.

From the tags to the wrapping paper, every element can be carefully designed to showcase your appreciation for the Mon in a way that’s creative, eco-friendly, and strikingly beautiful.

Gift Tags

One creative use for fallen Monstera leaves is to transform them into gift tags.

To do this, simply cut the leaf into small, rectangular pieces, ensuring you have a sturdy section of the leaf for attaching to your gift.

Using a hole punch, make a hole near the top of the leaf piece to thread twine or ribbon through. Write your message on the leaf with a metallic or white paint pen for a unique and eco-friendly gift tag.

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DIY Leaf Paper

Another wonderful idea is to create your own gift-wrapping paper by incorporating Monstera leaf patterns. You can achieve this through various methods:


Create stencils out of paper or plastic using Monstera leaf shapes as your pattern, then use acrylic or fabric paint to apply the design onto a plain gift wrap.

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Place a Monstera leaf under a sheet of plain gift wrap paper and use a pencil or crayon to gently rub over the leaf, creating an outline of the leaf on the paper.


Use a fallen Monstera leaf or a store-bought Monstera leaf stamp to press ink or paint onto plain gift wrap paper, creating a beautiful repeating pattern.

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By using fallen Monstera leaves in your gift wrapping, you can give your presents a unique, eco-friendly, handmade touch that is sure to impress.

These are just a few of the many creative ways that fallen Monstera leaves can be used.

Whether you prefer arts and crafts, home decor, or gardening, there’s a project that can help you make the most out of these beautiful leaves.

With such a diverse range of possibilities at your fingertips, fallen Monstera leaves are much more than just waste material.

We encourage you to view these ideas as a starting point, a springboard into your own unique expressions and creations.

So next time a Monstera leaf falls, remember, it’s not an end but an opportunity for a beautiful beginning. Go on, let your creativity blossom!

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